The Sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) inside everyday lifestyle

The ancestral wisdom has made use of sacred symbols for healing as well as the processes of self-knowledge of man because time immemorial. Several of those teachings had been nearly entirely forgotten, specifically within the West. Luckily, these days much of that knowledge has been rescued and has begun to become place into practice, being inside reach of those who wish to understand their energy.

Among these symbols will be the antahkarana, which has been employed for millennia in Eastern culture as a basic part of healing processes and deep meditations for its fantastic energy.
It really is formed by 3 7 on a flat surface alluding for the 7 chakras. It’s responsible for harmonizing every of them facilitating the expulsion of unfavorable power to restore the balance from the person who comes to him as a implies of healing or self-discovery.

Antahkarana is often employed in healing therapies of different indoles since it helps to harmonize folks utilizing the Yin and Yang energies.
This symbol can also be regularly utilized in meditations, which can variety from taking a look at it to a lot more complex rituals via the usage of elements like candles, cauldrons, and water to connect straight with the universe.

The great microcosmic orbit of the Taoists that requires a movement of the energy in the individual from the feet towards the head and back, making it flow to harmonize all the chakras. The idea of movement is intrinsically related to energy, which needs getting in continual flow, because “water that stagnates rots.”
This potent symbol also aids to neutralize the negative energies of objects and also houses. It could be utilized near the entrance from the home to assist dissipate all negative power coming from who enters the residence.

But like every little thing, the excessive use of Antahkarana could be counterproductive, as it could dissipate all power, which includes positive power. This symbol should be used with all the greatest respect and often for excellent.

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